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How To Find & Add Review Link For Foursquare?

TrustSync app can help you collect Foursquare reviews from your Shopify customers to boost your business reputation. Using this Shopify app, you can easily send review request emails to your customers without any hassle.

Note: To collect review link for Foursquare reviews, you need to have a Foursquare business page.

How To Find & Add Review Link For Foursquare?

We will now show you how to find & add review link for Foursquare on TrustSync app. Follow these three steps:

Step 1: Find Your Business In Foursquare

First, go to Foursquare and search for your business page from here. Once it appears on the search, hit on your company name.

find your business page in Foursquare

Step 2: Collect The Foursquare Review Link

Once you have entered your business page, you can see that registered Foursquare users can leave reviews for your business. From there, copy the page URL from your browser. 

collect the Foursquare review link

Step 3: Add Foursquare Review Link In TrustSync

From your TrustSync dashboard, navigate to the ‘Review Settings’ tab. Afterward, click on the ‘Add review link’ button. Select the review link as ‘Foursquare’ and paste the copied link before clicking the ‘Save changes’ button.

add Foursquare review link in TrustSync

This is how easily you can find & add review link for Foursquare in the TrustSync app. Need assistance? Feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team for any type of queries.

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